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5 Tips to Get Patients in the Door: Digital Marketing for Doctors

People sitting in a doctor's waiting room with the text overlay, "5 Digital Marketing Tips to Get Patients Through the Door"

You've taken the steps to improve patient experience. From scripting the perfect over-the-phone dialogue to having inviting exam rooms, you even went as far as to add coffee and updated magazines in your waiting room. So, why is no one in your waiting room using those magazines and drinking the coffee?

Follow along today for 5 tips on how to use digital marketing efforts to build patient rapport before they walk through the door.

1. Solidify Your Vision and Strategy

First, decide who you want to target with your marketing efforts and how. Do you want to target patients using cautionary statistics, or do you want to pull attention using aesthetically calming product promotions? This tip works best when your strategy is aligned with your practices' personality, giving your brand persona an authentic and personal touch.

2. Prioritize Your Website

With 3 out of 5 American adults agreeing that they would choose one provider over another if they show a strong online presence, having a user-friendly website is vital to a booked practice. While you most likely already have a website, best results stem from making the following features available to your web visitors:

  • Live chat option

  • FAQs and a question inquiry form

  • ADA compliant media options

  • Industry relevant information

To keep your website at the top of the search results page, update your relevant information frequently or consider keeping a blog to highlight industry and practice updates.

3. Launch a Multi-Channel Marketing Approach

Though this seems like an extra and unnecessary step, 80% of people on social media use it to search for health related information. This includes searching for health tips, common symptoms or even where to find a new physician. Using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or YouTube is a great way to become a trusted pillar of knowledge within your community while also boosting your brand. Below are some examples that could be part of your content strategy:

  • Symptoms of seasonal illnesses

  • Products or promotions your practice offers

  • Meet the Physician

  • Industry updates in 60 seconds

  • Dermatology Dos and Don'ts

4. Build a Portfolio of Credible Sources

While there is a wealth of health information online, public distrust of health services has steadily grown within the past 5 years, and only 37% of Americans report trusting the National Institute of Health or the FDA. Publishing content using only credible sources and making those sources available to viewers to digest on their own time builds trust between your brand and potential patients. Below is a list of sources we commonly use to reference medical knowledge or industry news:

5. Be Transparent

It is reported that 40% of American adults avoid seeking medical help due to the lack of transparency they feel medical providers often show. Sharing your practice's personality while also providing unbiased and unopinionated industry news is a great way to gain the trust of viewers. When reporting on a topic, give accurate pros and cons and let your audience decide how to process the information.

Altogether, it is becoming increasingly difficult to gain the trust of potential patients as a medical professional. Digital marketing can be an extremely valuable adversary when it comes to getting in front of patients, being transparent, and getting them to walk through your door.

Want to know how to take the first step to building online rapport? Contact us today!


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